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About Avance

Avance design and manufacture innovative, quality Professional Computer Cases. The company history spans over three decades Avance has grown and developed along with the global PC industry. With central offices in Taiwan and China and the main manufacturing plant in the south of China, Avance are at the heart Hi-Tech Computer manufacturing.

As a producer of the PC Case, Avance consider many key areas in our development process including, Legal EMC requirements, Simple Assembly of preferred components, Meeting Form Factor standards, Capacity, Strength and Reliability, Engineering, Cabling, Ergonomics, Safety, Security, Economics and Design.

Avance Technologies have continued to develop their products and designs to provide good quality PC cases for the Desktop market. This Desktop category now refers to Towers, Desktops, SFF, uSFF for compatible motherboard form factors such as ATX, mATX, and iTX. The desktop market continues with stable global demand where a stationary, cost effective device is required often with a large monitor. The Commercial market has followed an alternative direction tending to focus more on Small Form Factor solutions that save space, provide security and ergonomic features and express quality and design.

Avance Technologies have a comprehensive range of Originally Designed products for OEM’s and System Integrators to select and compete at the highest level effectively in the Commercial PC Market.

Over the last decade Avance Technologies has observed the trends in specific markets and given careful consideration to the unique features being requested by various End Users and System Integrators that are leaders in their chosen field.

In close collaboration with clients and other leading industry manufacturers Avance Technologies have been able to develop a comprehensive range of unique PC Chassis solutions that are ideally suited for the commercial market. With a range of PC Cases that are innovative, superior and thoughtfully engineered it is the continued success of many global System Builders who have chosen to use Avance products that give evidence to these claims.

When observing an Avance PC Case you will recognise simple assembly features, thoughtful attention to details that ensure simple, efficient assembly and a safe reliable device. Designs also include optimal use of space and materials and thoughtful consideration to thermal solutions and acoustics.

Many Avance PC cases will offer optional security features like cable covers or locking mechanisms. Some products offer optional VESA monitor mount solutions enabling a neat, tidy, space-saving solution avoiding restrictions on size or choice of monitor display.

Avance products have proven to be successful in professional office environments, Educational institutions, public user environments and many more locations where space, quality, reliability, security and ergonomics might be considerations.

Avance Technologies continues to lead the way working closely with global partners, setting the highest standards in PC chassis design, development and manufacture.

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